What People Are Saying About
Clear Task Solutions

Tanner Dimick

“Clear Task Solutions has really improved my construction business because I can now manage more people in less time. The ability to print reports has saved me tons of time on billing. I also save time with their electronic time cards, because I am no longer trying to sort through texts and papers to figure out who worked what hours. Now, it is instantly available electronically and I can get payroll done early.

Without Clear Task Solutions I would not be able to run two companies at the same time. I now have time to focus on things like marketing to improve my business instead of just the day to day operations.“

Dan Poulsen

“Save at least 4 hours a day in phone calls. I am now able to eat dinner with family instead of being on the phone with employees.

I am getting 2-3 more jobs done with increased productivity. My leasers are making more money due to productivity.

My customers are happy because my employees show up at the correct location, on time, with the correct material. I no longer receive annoying phone calls after I dispatch a job.”

Adam Losee

"I met with [Clear Task Solutions] a few days ago. I have to say I'm impressed with the ease of use. The system that Clear Task Solutions has to offer is the best I've seen for task management in 20 years in the industry!"

Operation Manager

Lany Anderson

"I have found A LOT of value in seeing the dispatch each night, and knowing who has accepted, who has rejected, and for what reasons. Also, it is really valuable to see how many trucks are running on what jobs during the day. I have had major problems collecting dispatch information in the past, so this has alleviated that problem."

Rhine Construction
Office Manager

Jon Stubbs

“I love the Clear Task Solutions app because now my drivers know where they are going. Plus, I no longer am chasing down time cards. Instead, I can view time cards and pay my employees easily from my phone. “

Big J&D Trucking