Save Time to do More of What You Love!

For just a $1 per employee, our world-class eTimecards frees you up to focus on other key areas of your business, or simply to have more time doing what you enjoy most.

CTS Time Card App Features

Admin Dashboard

Save time and keep your business running smoothly with our user-friendly dashboard. See and react to valuable business insights in real-time, including work order status and job alerts. Easily dispatch jobs to crews, manage timecards and electronic payroll.

Clock In/Out Instantly, from Anywhere

No more paper timecards. Our eTimecards makes it incredibly easy and secure for your crew to clock in/out with a single tap on their smartphone, (both iPhone and Android phones.)

Location Tracking

Say goodbye to attempts to pad hours. See the exact location where your crew clocks in/out at. Ideal for small and remote teams.

Admin Controls to Make Needed Edits

Have an employee that happens to forget to clock in/out. No problem. Secure Admin login allows you to easily access and edit your a crew’s timesheets when necessary anytime, and from anywhere on your smartphone or computer.

Send eTimecard to Payroll

Since we track all employee hours in real-time, payroll is a piece of cake. No more chasing down timesheets, and employees get paid on time. Employees love it too! Who doesn’t want to get paid on time!

Scheduling and Easy Project Management

Make your crew the most efficient one in town with our easy to follow job details in the palm of their hand. Create and assign a job to your crew quickly and easily. They get all the needed details and real-time job alerts on the go. No more texts and calls from crew members asking for job details you’ve already given them.

What our Customers Say

Tanner Dimick

The Art of Fixing "Without Clear Task Solutions I would not be able to run two companies at the same time. I now have time to focus on things like marketing to improve my business instead of just the day to day"

Adam Losee
Operation Manager

"I met with [Clear Task Solutions] a few days ago. I have to say I'm impressed with the ease of use. The system that Clear Task Solutions has to offer is the best I've seen for task management in 20 years in the industry!"

Jon Stubbs

"I love the Clear Task Solutions app because now my drivers know where they are going. Plus, I no longer am chasing down time cards. Instead, I can view time cards and pay my employees easily from my phone."

Lany Anderson
Office Manager

Rhine Construction "I have found A LOT of value in seeing the dispatch each night, and knowing who has accepted, who has rejected, and for what reasons. Also, it is really valuable to see how many trucks are running on what jobs during the day."

Save Time and Money with eTimecards, no more chasing down handwritten time sheets.

Before Clear Task Solutions

  • Lost Employees

    47% of bosses say that they have employees getting lost while going to a job site.

  • Incorrect Material

    44.8% of bosses state that they have employees showing up without the correct materials.

  • Difficulty Collecting Time Cards

    50% of bosses find it difficult to collect time cards from employees.

  • Giving Away Free Work

    62.5% of bosses worry that work is not being reported and billed.

With Clear Task Solutions

  • Attentive Employees

    How much money could be saved if your employees NEVER got lost on the way to a job site?

  • Correct Material

    62.5% of bosses worry that work is not being reported and billed.

  • Instantly Collect Time Cards

    Electronically view time cards at anytime from anywhere, how helpful would that be?

  • Easily Report And Bill Work

    Never have to worry again about whether or not work is being reported and billed.

Save Time and Money with eTimecards, no more chasing down handwritten time sheets.